Chiropractic Electronics

Innovative Pressure Point Chiropractic in Nelson


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clyde burke

Nelson Chiropractor: Dr. Clyde Burke

Dr. C.M. Burke, Dr. of Chiropractic (Hons.) provides chiropractic health care with a difference, serving Nelson, Richmond & Tasman Bay since 1975.


Endless health or back problems?

Your chemistry's been tested, muscles and joints checked and symptoms labelled. Your problem's blamed on bad genes, a virus, arthritis or old age.

What about your "wiring", your body's nerve system?

Cells need undistorted communication for optimium repairs.

Chiropractic is much more than back, neck or joint pain, "slipped"

discs, "pinched" nerves, sciatica or the back being "out". 

Innovative Pressure Point Chiropractic

"Of the nine systems of the body the nerve system is supreme. It runs, regulates and controls all other body systems."

Chiropractic Electronics enhances the body's own repair system using nerve pressure points.

Innovative, Effective, Safe

The Chiropractic Electronics goal is to eliminate the abnormal reflex response of excessive muscle tension from the stimulus of a normal, everyday experience. Abnormal reflex response is faulty communication. 

  • safe for all ages
  • gentle & subtle
  • pain-free
  • applied fully clothed
  • special service for cats & dogs
  • expense of Xrays rarely required