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nervous-systemWe experience our lives through our nerve systems, whether enjoying a sensory event or responding to trauma. It's all about the nerve system. Not muscles. not range of motion. Not posture. And certainly not bones. Physical, chemical or emotional trauma overloads the brain and causes it to activate a reflex defence mechanism. Think of it as a circuit breaker. Chiropractors call this state "subluxation". For most of us, it starts at birth, or even in the womb. Chiropractic doesn't put the bones "back". It is a stimulus that the brain uses as it sees fit. It may be common, even helpful, to visualise an offending joint being normalized, but since bones are held in place by muscles, and muscles are directed by the brain and nerve system, the notion of putting bones "back" is inaccurate. It is subluxation's whole body neurological consequences, however subtle, in which the brain loses touch with the body, and the intention of reducing it, that makes chiropractic unique.